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This Trilogy Includes These
Twisted Fairytale Retellings: 



An 8th Dwarf?

Who Knew?

Snow White did! In this previously untold story, readers meet Creepy, who is banished to the cottage basement for being different. From there he affects the fairytale we all thought we knew!

Look Who's
Popular Now

A teenage princess with an attitude hires the witch from The Frog Prince to get revenge on a Mean Girl who's picking on her  at school. A troll she meets along the way thinks it’s a very bad idea.

An Overnight Odyssey

A wealthy man who lives high above ground crosses paths with a boy thief who has nothing to lose. A mystery graffitist and some magic beans complete the

dark and twisted retelling.

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"The verse is crisp and easy to follow, and the stories all tend toward adding dark humor and modern sensibilities to the familiar material."


Narrator Paul Giamatti's emphatic growl is well matched to the wry, lyrical verses in Michael Mullin's compilation of folktales. Stories feature unlikely heroes and bizarre figures, with unusual imagery and intriguing characterizations. Giamatti's delivery is gruff and confiding, evocative, slightly gruesome, and suited to twists. Whether he's voicing an unseen eighth dwarf, sharing the real story of Jack and his beans, or recounting what happens when a princess manages to curse herself, his brusque pacing and strong delivery of imagery add humor and depth. Giamatti's characterizations are endearing, sad, and a little unsettling--just as they should be. Mullin's deft writing and Giamatti's graceful meter create enjoyable rhythms for listeners.

TaleSpins was twice selected as required summer reading for middle schoolers at the prestigious Chandler School in Pasadena CA.
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