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A Modern-Day Hamlet for Young Adult
& New Adult Readers

His father is dead.

His mother has remarried.

His uncle is . . . his new stepfather?


Nineteen-year-old film student old Simon
must determine if the claim made by his father's ghost is true. And if so, Simon must exact the revenge his father demands!






“The key pieces of Shakespeare's play are all present . . . and those fascinated by the machinations of the original play will be intrigued to learn how Mullin manipulates the plot. His positioning of the play's tragic conclusion as a headline-grabbing mass murder should hook readers from the start.”

“The story accosts you from the outset and keeps you hooked throughout . . . Overall, in a way that a really powerful Hamlet play performance can, Simon spoke in an urgent and direct tone to me in perhaps a way that reading the play might lack. It acts as a bridge between performance and play text powerful in its own right as a YA book, and infused with even greater urgency as it opened my eyes to the magnitude of the human crisis of Hamlet.”


“Simon demonstrates the way in which the power of narrative and the power of Shakespearean drama can be harnessed and if, as Mullin manages, this power is captured, new angles and elements of the play and society may be brought to light. This is not simply an appropriation which takes storyline but one which replicates and reinvigorates characters, emotions, and circumstance, and presents them anew in comfortable suburbia where we’d least expect it.”

(1) "I greatly enjoyed Simon by Michael Mullin. It lived up to the teaser from the back cover although I was surprised from the opening pages that the main character was dead from the beginning of our story.  Mullin captivated me from the beginning with his modern retelling of Hamlet. He follows the classic story and I appreciate this. But there is enough of a modern flavor to hold the attention of YA readers today."


"Readers will find this story interesting. It moves along at a nice clip. It will appeal to readers of both sexes. I would certainly add It to my library and recommend it to my YA readers."

(2) "A very interesting connection to Hamlet ! . . . A terrific twist with his father seen on the video. Tying in bits and pieces of some of the minor characters did add to the overall plot. Excellent story!"




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