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Rocketboy: The Return of Dr. Megaton
A Middle-Grade Sci-Fi Humor Adventure



Some heroes are born. Others are made . . . by MISTAKE!

Smarter than most kids twice his age, 4th grader Skyler Mahoney wasn't supposed to become a Rocketman Hero Defender of the galaxy.That job was meant for his big brother Dean, the star high school athlete. You see, the Federation of Intergalactic Good (F.I.G.) sends an alien girl named Hayley Comet and two robots, Snipe & Twidget, to give the mystical, empowering Melding Ring to Dean. But it lands on Skyler's finger instead! Thinking Skyler is WAY too young, the recruiters try to talk him into giving the Ring back. But when the little guy sees all the epic space stuff, he's ALL IN!




"What a fun and captivating novel!  Michael MullIn and illustrator John Skewes sure know what boy readers, and girls too, like.  This was like being part of a Saturday morning cartoon shows that I grew up with.  It was fun, exciting, and funny! . . . The writing is spot on. The asides to the reader are hilarious.  The story flows so easily and keeps the readers engaged. I think this novel is so much better than the Captain Underpants series and will certainly appeal to a wider audience. I cannot wait to add this to my elementary library.  My students will be wanting more!"

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