Gemiknight Press is the publishing company I founded in 2013 with the launch of my first print book, TaleSpins. All my work is currently available under the Gemiknight banner, and that's why you'll see that name on some of my social media accounts. Gemiknight's mission is first and foremost to tell great stories and not be limited to writing to one particular audience. (Confirmation of that approach can be found on the Development Desk page.) Once the stories are written and edited, Gemiknight's focus turns to packaging them in the most engaging, professional way possible. Book covers, booth signage and advertising are all designed and executed to compete in the traditional publishing marketplace. Although this requires an extra investment of time and money, readers expect and deserve nothing less.

I've recently started to ramp up the promotion of myself as an author. This website is the biggest and clearest example of that effort. I've always seen Gemiknight as a promotable brand, but so is "Michael Mullin" I'm told.


Lastly, I would love to collaborate more and ultimately publish the work of other writers and artists through Gemiknight, but I don't currently have the distribution in place to make it worthwhile to those people. Someday maybe. There are a lot of scam businesses preying on self-published authors these days. Needless to say, I wouldn't want my business to be associated with that in any way.

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