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Cluttered, But Not Necessarily a Mess

I usually find myself with multiple projects in the works. One always rises to the surface and becomes the focus, and that's what has happened with the first story featured here. The other projects still get attention, too, depending on my mood. I'm sure this scattered process isn't best for my productivity or self-imposed deadlines, but it's just how my brain works.

Owned (a novel)

A mass murder stunt

 Las Vegas gambling.

Internet shaming.


The masks shown here (which are relevant

to the story) are for kids, but the book is not.


Trust me.

Simon on TV???

I'm scripting a 10-episode season that tells the story of Simon. The idea is to create an anthology series like True Detective and American Horror Story, in which each season begins a brand new story. I'm calling the series What's Done Is Done. Season 2 would be another adaptation/retelling. Not necessarily Shakespeare. I even did a blog post about it.

Teaser Poster

EARTH: The Great Vacation Adventure

(a humorous travel guide)


Turns out our planetary neighbors
 have been traveling here for centuries.

And thanks to this "found" volume

published by the Martian Travel and

 Tourism Board, we now know how

they plan their trips – and what they

do to stay hidden once they're here!


This book is a collaboration with

Disney artist Jeff Shelly. He came to

me with the idea a while back, and

we've been kicking around ways to

write, draw, and publish it ever since.

Rocketboy: The Search for the Evil Source Element
(a novel)


The kid superhero is getting a BOOK 2 adventure that continues where
The Return of Dr. Megaton ended. RB fans will meet all-new, quirky
characters – and even get to see what goes on at an intergalactic
Rocket Hero convention!

Bookstache (a novel - working title)


This middle-grade odyssey involves siblings and cousins who discover a cross-dimensional portal in their grandfather's small-town bookstore.


The same store he opened in 1948, shortly after he retired from NASA. It was also the year after that whole Roswell UFO crash incident.


I did this design & sketch of the sign outside the old man's bookstore. Rest assured, I've handed it off to a pro artist. 

Jeff's Illustration Style

And I'm getting started on designing
Rocketboy's website too!

A Creepy the 8th Dwarf Animated Short

(a haiku update)

The script is complete.

There's some talk about a film.

Mostly by me though.

More TaleSpins Comics


I'm also talking with artists to adapt the remaining two
TaleSpins stories into

graphic novels like

8: The Untold Story


These titles will most likely be
saddle-stitched issues at first,
vs. one bound volume.



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