As a former teacher I'm always looking for the educational value of fiction. Not hammer-over-the-head lessons, but rather characters and stories that can elicit thoughtful questions and start meaningful discussions. To that end, I've developed a curriculum packet to go with my first independently published book: TaleSpins

The TaleSpins curriculum consists of Discussions Questions and Writing Exercises that focus on the tween and teen themes addressed in the book's three stories. More specifically, it teaches ANTI-BULLYING and MUTUAL RESPECT by highlighting ALTERNATIVES POINTS OF VIEW. Seeing a story through the eyes of an unexpected character or seeing how assumptions about other people can lead to unforeseen consequences is at the heart of what TaleSpins offers students. First and foremost the stories are fun and entertaining, but there is a deeper level that – with the right prompting – can lead to a better understanding of how we deal with each other and our situations.


While in its beta stage, the TaleSpins in the Classroom curriculum packet is offered at a discounted rate to any teacher who assigns TaleSpins to his or her class. Just CONTACT me with any questions or to place an order.

Yes, I know. In this last picture I'm clearly talking Rocketboy and not TaleSpins.

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